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          Guangzhou YunQiang Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional audio manufacturer which has R& D, Production department, Marketing Dept., and Technical and service Dept., The main products include: Power Amplifier, Karaoke amplifier, Professional Speaker, Karaoke speaker, Sound Mixer, Audio processor and Conferencing systems. Nowadays, in professional sound industry, more and more people are seeking for amplifiers with light weight, high power output, high sound quality and high stability. 


To get good sound quality, we should have high quality components. And to ensure the stability, we must solve the problem of heat dissipation. Now, we have this amplifier FP14000, FP10000Q, FP-8000Q. Our FP14000, FP10000Q, FP-8000Q is Class TD switching amplifier fixed with NOVER (from UK) power capacitors, ON-Semi power transistors other high quality electronic spare parts. Professional circuit design and actual copper heat sink with better structure make fast heat dissipation possible. And fast heat dissipation contributes to high stability of the amplifier. Once you have our amplifiers at your hands, open the chassis, you will find artwork and detail difference. The swich power amplifier can be used to drive line array loudspeaker systems in touring, living show and other applications with high requirement on sound quality and stability. Since the foundation of our enterprises, we have been concentrating on designing new products, doing research on new sound technology, training our staff, as well as improving our quality to products and management system. And now we have had a unique management experience, advanced production equipment, abundant design capability, and the large marketing network and after-sales service system. 

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