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  • Notice about the company LOGO change


    Dear QSN family, According to the needs of the development of the company, in order to enhance the personalized identification and communication power of Guangzhou Yunqiang Electronics "QSN" brand, and further improve the overall brand image of Yunqiang, the company decides to make the following adjustments to the company L0G0:

  • Reignite 2021 Guangzhou International Professional Lighting, Sound and Sound Exhibition


    The 19th China International Light, Sound and Sound Exhibition has been successfully concluded. Lasted 4 days, Yun strong sound in Guangzhou exhibition blooming dazzling brilliance, for the visit to the Yun strong sound booth friends have handed over a satisfactory answer.

  • Dry goods full benefit of corporate culture building and enterprise execution training courses!


    The school season, in the study of our division is not behind. Yesterday, WE WERE honored to HAVE Mr. Chen Chaohua from SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY TO give A lecture IN OUR company. The theme of the course is: Enterprise culture Building and Enterprise Execution. The course lasts for one day, which is also a fruitful day for all staff of Yunqiang.

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