D series 1U two channel digital switching power amplifier



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1U height 9" depth standard chassis, compact volume, light and small;

◆  ClassD power amplifier module with fixed switching frequency;

 soft switch LLC resonant switching power module;

 active power factor correction technology (PFC), can work stably in the full voltage (90-264V) range;

 efficient speaker back electromotive force absorption system;

unique peak cutting limiter and ripple elimination network;

temperature-controlled variable speed fan, air flow from front to back;

rear backplane connection mode selection (stereo/parallel/bridge);

 The rear backplane is equipped with input sensitivity selection switch (0.775V / 1V /32dB);

circuit full protection, including: soft start, DC, infrasonic frequency, high frequency, overheating, short circuit, startup/shutdown silent;

strong and powerful low frequency, very low diving depth, medium and high frequency transparent, clear, pleasant;

 Integrated design of power amplifier module and power module, more than 85% of the devices use mechanical automation to ensure product consistency.


H SeriesD2018D2012
Rated Power 8Ω Stereo1800WX21200WX2
Rated Power 4Ω Stereo3000WX22000WX2
Rated Power 2Ω Stereo
8 Ohm bridge power6000WX13600WX1
4 Ohm bridge power7600WX14000WX1
Voltage gain 8Ω44.0dB42.0dB
Output circuit typeClass-DClass-D
Frequency response(±0.3dB)20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Signal to noise ratio>105dB98dB
Coeffcient of damping10001000
Conversion rate20V/us20V/us
Input Sensitivity1.0V1.0V
Frequency Response20KΩ/10KΩ20KΩ/10KΩ
Wind roadDraw the wind from behind
Protect Soft start, DC, short circuit, overload, distortion limit, overheating, VHF
Input partBalance Input XLR female socket, balance and connect to XLR male socket
Output partTwo red and black terminals, NL4 SPEAKON socket
Indicator lightPanel finger light: power supply, signal UV, peak cutting, protection
Front Panel FunctionsPower start switch, volume control knob stereo
Rear Panel FunctionsInput sensitivity selector switch, grounding switch, selector switch, bridge switch
Power supplyDo not remove the standard power plug power cable AC110-220V/50Hz±10%
Product Dimensions483x260x44483x260x44
Outer packing size530x360x100520x360x100
net weight8KG6KG

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