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  • The sound box of left and right channel sound sound is not balanced, what reason be? How to solve it?


    1, the sensitivity of loudspeaker of left and right channel sound box is inconsistent, can pass the method that adjusts left and right channel each output level, make sound box sound box is close to agree. 2, left and right channel output power signal is not balanced, can be left and right channel on the input, output gain of various devices in the approximate same index value. 3, often appear sound source left and right sound channel of the average volume level is different, sound box to

  • How to buy a digital mixer


    The homogeneity of the function of digital mixer is very obvious, and there are many choices of digital mixer in the market. Faced with different brands and highly homogeneous digital mixers, ordinary users are easy to have difficulty in choosing. Usually, users can only choose by horizontal comparison of features, performance parameters, price, appearance and so on. How to buy a suitable digital mixer?

  • What causes a pair of speakers to suddenly become silent during sound amplification? How to solve it?


    In the process of spreading sound, sound box is suddenly silent, because the power amplifier on the output channel is overloaded, fast fuse fuse is broken, replace the fast fuse fuse of the same capacity below this kind of circumstance, reduce the level of power amplifier input signal, can restore normal operation. If the speaker is still silent after replacing the fuse, do not check whether there is a signal from the front equipment. Use the jumper method, that is, skip the previous device, the

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