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At this year's CES, Lenovo unveiled a smart speaker with a sleek, small and attractive shape that the company officially defines as an Internet and content voice portal that naturally understands Chinese semantics. In short, it is a smart speaker that can be operated by voice commands. It can play music for you, read the news, read audio books, listen to music stations and check the weather. Users will also be able to call a car, order food, and so on, all with simple voice commands.

Now entering the consumption era, more and more consumers are more inclined to buy some multifunctional products, audio field is the same. Therefore, this product of multifunctional audio gradually entered the line of sight of the majority of consumers! After years of development, multimedia audio has evolved from a simple "computer audio" to today's WiFi audio, Bluetooth audio and other multi-line transmission intelligent audio products. At the same time, the multimedia speaker has the characteristics of small volume and easy operation compared with the traditional speaker. It can also further meet the multimedia application needs of ordinary consumers.

In the past year of 2016, we can see that some booths of multi-functional audio are popular among exhibitors at various exhibitions, which may also be related to another concept -- smart home. Smart home is an emerging industry form in recent years. During the 2017 CES, all the big brands show great interest in smart home. New home electric manufacturers SONY, LG, Panasonic, TCL, Qualcomm, Hisense, Samsung and so on have made a big deal about smart home appliances and smart homes. Apple's HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung's SmartThings work seamlessly across different technology platforms. More simple, more intelligent, more integrated, more open, artificial intelligence + smart home has become the big trend of smart home after CES. In order to catch up with Echo, Google released Google home, and also vigorously invited third-party developers to add new functions for Google Assistant and adapt to new smart home devices that were not its own. After the end of CES, Google is adding a new feature to Google Assistant in the Pixel that will allow users to Control their smart Home devices through the Google Assistant virtual assistant, called "Home Control," Currently supported smart home vendors and products include Belkin's Wemo, Google's Nest, Philips Hue, and Samsung's SmartThings line.

In the domestic market, intelligent audio manufacturers also began to transform in succession, hoping to occupy a place in the intelligent field. Among them, a part of intelligent audio brands led by Rambler have achieved good results in the market. Rambler is currently the first domestic, the world's second largest professional multimedia audio enterprises. Rovers, over the years focused on audio technology products research and development and application, its product line covers the multimedia computer speakers, home audio, car audio, headphones and other fields, has a reputation for outstanding quality, is famous for its fine workmanship and forward-looking design, product has won international authoritative awards, has very high visibility and good reputation in the industry. In 2010, ambler successfully landed on the A-share market.

According to a report, sales of audio equipment have been growing continuously since 2008, with a 54 percent growth rate in 2015, resulting in a gross domestic product of 280.8 billion yuan. The audio equipment market continued to soar in 2016, with headphones and speakers each accounting for about 40% of the market share. The sales of Jingdong Mall Audio increased even more rapidly, reaching 62.6% in 2015. The increase in 2016 is even more obvious. Calculate SO COME, DOMESTIC ONLY SOUND BOX AN INDUSTRY, REACHED THE GROSS output VALUE OF 100 BILLION YUAN. Judging from this trend, smart speakers must have a very broad market space. According to the forecast report provided by Voice Intelligence Technology, the output value of the world's smart speakers can reach $10 billion in three years, and predicts that the global wireless audio market will reach $38.5 billion in 2022.

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